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We are dedicated to our clients' needs and assist all over the world with cases- including offering avenues for ANYONE to explore the paranormal or looking for assistance outside of our areas OR countries! We invite any trusted resource to advertise on our site via this Partner tab. Want to share info with Moonlite Paranormal Investigations' friends and visitors to our site? Simply provide us with a little about you and/or your organization then click that button send us your info for consideration!

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PARANORMAL SOCIETIES:  Now Listing 3,050 Paranormal Societies in the U.S.A.! They are the most comprehensive directory of Paranormal Societies from across the United States! All 50 states are currently covered by the groups listed on their site.

Bill Wilkens, (the founder and proprietor of the site), is an professional provider of impeccable service to the public that utilize the site for haunting assistance and all of the organizations that subscribe to this directory. mr. wilkens has connected countless teams all over the u.s. and international organizations with quality investigators and clients in need. you can follow Bill wilkens and paranormal societies on twitter: @paranormallist.

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Ghost Investigation

Looking for teams or professional organizations to check out your property or home? You have come to the right place!

Do you need help with an haunting or feel like you may be experiencing paranormal activity and you need answers?  Then visit us at

                                                 (We provide contacts for psychics, teams and solo investigators.)


Manchester Paranormal Society: Web Store


Founder David Caltrider has innovated and perfected many custom built items located in their Web Store. MPS offers quality adapters, Spirit Speakers, KNECT handheld devices and several other amazing tools for the beginner or even the most seasoned veteran investigator! Also featured are MPS Hoodies, EMF Detectors, audio recorders and much more! Click on any of the tabs below to learn more about their Web Store and all of the great people they work with, support and trust in the Paranormal Field.



All Products


Paranormal Investigation Devices


State of the Art Equipment and Tools


Are you a Paranormal Investigator, enthusiast or just looking for some really great gear? Need a team in your neck of the woods to assist you with your unique situation? Ghost Ware Pro is waiting for you to come visit our site because like all you they are, "In Search of the Truth". 

We have partnered with great teams like Moonlite Paranormal Investigations and 100s of others to bring you the very best!

With us, you are buying your equipment from people that use paranormal equipment. We build equipment, field test every device and ship next day. If you're tired of the large corporations that treat you like a number instead of a valued customer then is here to prove that you are important and we care! Fair, competitive prices ensure you can shop with confidence!

Click on the buttons below to connect and to see what great tools, devices and other resources we offer!




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America The Beautiful- Moonlite Paranormal Partner Links






Tucson Ghost Society 

(520) 373-5387

Becky McKiddy Gydesen and her TGS Team are 100% dedicated to serving the client and offer their services FOR FREE

No case is to big or too small.


They have served the Tucson, Arizona and surrounding areas for many years with a 4.9 out 5 star rating via their Facebook page (see below). You can also follow Becky and TGS on Twitter for more information regarding and real time updates. Their website link is also listed here for your convenience! TGS uses the latest techniques and procedures during their investigations along with traditional methods and proven standards to get their clients results! With Infrared Digital Video, audio recorders, and many other ITC and paranormal tools at their disposal, TGS is here to help!


Complete list of amazing a cool events!


You can book and attend their awesome two hour walking tours here! Only $13 per adult (over 5)


This is an incredible opportunity to see real places, real haunts! 



Lost Souls Investigations

Hayward, California

Contact: 1-209-346-1071


They are Paranormal Investigators helping those in need while exploring the unknown. 

With over a decade of combined experience, LSI is dedicated to helping people find answers and solutions for their paranormal activity and problems. 

LSI Specializes in residential cases.

"Researching the paranormal is not just a great 

passion of ours, it's a way of life."-LSI


Georgia Native American Paranormal Society

Rincon, Georgia

Contact: Scott Quietwolf

Phone: 912- 509- 0168


We are a group of Native Americans with varied spiritual gifts who have come together to aide and guide those who are troubled by spirits or demons. Through scientific investigation, documentation, and our gifts we strive to not only find the truth but, to help those who are being negatively influenced. We can help you with spiritual cleansing, smudging prayer, and any paranormal issues that you may have. We have 4 group members and 5 specialists that we call in when needed. Our basic service areas are Southeast Georgia and Southwest South Carolina. We will travel up to a 200 mile radius of Savannah, Georgia. We are always available to assist other teams when requested. To learn more about us and who we are feel free to visit our website via the links below!

Visit Our Home Page

Basic Info And Guide To G.N.A.P.S.

Haunting Assistance

Contact Us!

Team Info

Member Bios and More


Paranormal Society Of Middle Georgia

Contact: 478-508-2645

The Paranormal Society of Middle Georgia brings years of experience, training and integrity to every investigation. They regard their clients as unique and are dedicated to serving the individual needs in every situation. P.S.M.G. also works in conjunction with their communities and the areas they serve. As you will see below, they are actively hosting Ghost Hunts at the Crime and Punishment Museum in Ashburn, Georgia to help educate people on History and the Paranormal. The Paranormal Society of Middle Georgia brings many diverse aspects to their investigations and research techniques that promote results. They are 100% dedicated to positive outcomes for all of their clients and handle residential, business and public establishments as well. 

Off the Estate Paranormal 

Team USA

Duluth, GA

Contact: Tim Couch (Lead Investigator)

Phone: (504) 915-0338


Secondary Contact: Bill Bradley (Equipment Tech/ Investigator)

Phone: (678) 628-0911

Off the Estate Paranormal is based out of Duluth, GA but they serve ALL of Georgia, Southern Tennessee, Eastern Alabama, Northern Florida and their parent team is based out of the United Kingdom, respectively. 

With four core members, (one of which is a Spiritual Medium), they can take on the easiest cases all the way up to the most difficult of situations. Off the Estate Paranormal is comprised of uniquely talented, well educated investigators and they are prepared to offer FREE investigations, consultations, cleansings and the very important blessings. Endowed with the latest techniques and experience, this team has everything their clients will need in order to assist with difficult situations & are 100% Professional and discreet. You can visit their Facebook Group page via the button/ link below. 




Confidential Paranormal Investigators

Hoffman Estates, IL

Contact: Kathy Santini-Richardson

Phone: (313) 472-4053


CPI was formed by friends in 2006 after the 6 core members had been investigating together for many years. We stand by our protocols and high standards we feel we provide to our clients and other paranormal teams we share and learn with. No investigation is too large or too small and we are 100% FREE! We make use of a wide variety of equipment to document, record, or debunk paranormal activity. CPI also takes into account the human side of each unique client- so included on our team are Sensitives and folks that have had personal experiences. We are here to assist our community, all services are provided free of charge. If our client wishes to make a donation that is greatly appreciated but in no way is asked or mandated. We do fundraisers during the course of the year but most of the money needed to run the group comes out of our members pockets. Since we are so Blessed to have the opportunities we have we do give back to our different charities. 10% of all money earned at each fundraiser is donated to the charity that the member who has run the fundraiser has picked. The members are located in Northern and Western IL, Chicago Area. We all share a common desire to investigate the paranormal, using and testing new equipment and techniques. We enjoy the opportunity of being guest investigators for other area teams and welcome the favor in return. We are proud members of the American Ghost Society with Troy Taylor (Founder of AGS). Kathy is also the Chicago Suburbs & Northern IL Coordinator for the AGS If you are interested in having us do an investigation please feel free to contact us at the links below:

Learn about Us!

Team Bios and Photos


Website Home Page

Links/ Contact Us

Contact CPI, Trusted Partners and other Links

Paranormal Research Society of Southern Illinois- Mount Vernon, IL

Paranormal Research Society of Southern Illinois

Mount Vernon IL 62864 -  (618) 316-8719

" We are a non-profit organization that takes pride in helping others. It is our  passion and our pleasure to serve our clients and communities in Southern Illinois".

Please visit our website at:

Send us an email:

and of course, like and visit  

Our Facebook Page: 


Suzzanna Leeann

Medium, Empath

Chicago- Metro and Suburbs, Northern Illinois


Suzzanna has been assisting and serving others with her unique talents her entire life. She is well traveled, educated and is a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor. Now located in her home state of Illinois, she is currently helping those in need of spiritual answers as well as therapy through her education. It is important to also note she is a YoungLiving Essential Oil Distributor. Her calling to the paranormal and the search for more pertinent and viable answers regarding the field knows no bounds. Suzzanna is available for consultation and is well versed in technique, tuning in spirit and has been on countless investigations as a contributor and consultant. You can find out more about her via the Facebook page link below: 




With over 50 years of combined experienceIndy Afterlife Society is here to help in Indiana and beyond! We have logged countless hours in the field and support 
We are a professional, experienced team in search of evidence of the afterlife and deeply rooted in the tangible. If you have a haunting or need assistance with activity in your home, property or business contact us at:




Salinas, KS


James: 785-934-6322 

Adam: 785-829-0124

At CKPS, We offer many years of experience along with the latest techniques and professionalism. We never charge for our services and are 100% committed to our clients. Central Kansas Paranormal Society has 9 members currently and we treat all of our residential and commercial cases with dignity, respect, integrity and the one on one care needed to help you with your unique situation. When all other options have been explored but have not been successful or able to resolve your issues, Central Kansas Paranormal Society in here to discreetly and efficiently assist those in need. To learn more about us, please feel free to click the Facebook link to our page below.

"Do You Believe?"

11 Bravo Paranormal

Kansas City, KS

Contact: Matt Brooks


I have been researching the paranormal since 1996.  I will take on almost any investigation- no matter how large or complicated. I believe that there is a reason for everything.  As a Christian based person, I have faith our Lord and know in my heart that God gives me strength and resolve to do this work. In my experience, it is my firm belief that among all of those that are sent to defend us St. Michael will always protect me and those that serve this cause beside me. I am a Veteran of the US Army and even though I wear a civilian "uniform" now I truly am blessed to still be on this Earth and I'm still here to help protect those that simply cannot. We are based out of Kansas City, Kansas & will travel as times and funds allow.



Southern   Paranormal   Hunters

Liberty, KY   (Lexington/Henderson and West TN)


Justin: 270-579-2291


Tabitha: 270-579-2411


Justin, Tabitha and SPH are here to help! Specializing in all types of cases from residential to businesses Southern Paranormal Hunters are serving the Glasgow, Kentucky and surrounding areas. Are you or your loved ones experiencing paranormal activity and want to know why? Is your local establishment or business being affected by strange goings on? Do you need peace of mind and just want to know that you and the people or property you hold dear are safe? These are all fair things to ask and this is the team to assist you in getting those answers! You're not crazy, just experiencing what millions of Americans and people across the globe cannot explain. 

Although Justin and their team have been officially established for a short time, they have the integrity, trustworthiness, experience and they definitely know how to get things done. Their passion for serving people in need, the search for the truth and documenting the paranormal is unbridled. They are here to serve YOU!

"If you're having trouble with paranormal activity, just message/email us and let us know! We will try to help you find the answers that you seek!"



Louisiana Spirits (LSPI) - Southeast Chapter- Baton Rouge, LA

Louisiana Spirits Paranormal Investigations- Baton Rouge, LA-  225-610-8430

We are a serious group of professional and analytical individuals, dedicated to the investigating and research of paranormal activity. If you, or someone you know, are dealing with paranormal activity in your home or business, please contact us! All of our services are free of charge and remain confidential unless you give consent to publish our findings. We cover 13 Parishes and are also available for extreme cases and house cleansings. 
Andy and the LaSpirits team are ready to assist you! And you can also visit their website at:



SW MI Paranormal Investigators United

Contact Name(s): Lori or Berty- Jo


We are located in SW Michigan and are family owned and operated. We have 2 Physical Psychic Mediums (Founder/Lead Investigator-Lori and her son-Jensen) who also have other, multiple abilities. Our core team consists of Berty Jo- Co-Founder/Empath/Investigator (Lori's sister), Jeff- Empath/ Equipment Tech (Lori's BIL) and Sasha- Empath/ Audio-Visual Tech (Lori's Niece). We have been active as a team since 2014, but have each endeavoured out on our own separate investigations throughout the years. Our abilities were realized in our formidable years and we continue to learn and grow. We have fine tuned our processes and techniques in order to find our clients answers and to help those in need. We specialize in the tougher cases but are not limited to attachments, afterlife therapy, demonic possession, physical entities, poltergeists, active hauntings and malevolent encounters. We also handle average, residual and your "typical" day to day hauntings. No case is too small or too intimidating for our team!!  We provide internet and phone conferences with clients on a case per case basis. We also work with charity event's. And we ARE part of the ParaUnity community! We do NOT have a website at this time.

387 Paranormal Investigations Michigan, USA

387 Paranormal Research- Croswell, Michigan

"387 Paranormal Society is a team of carefully selected members whose purpose is to investigate the most notorious properties, that boast a vast as well as controversial history of haunting and unexplained activity. We at 387 Paranormal Society take pride in being the team that will go to the places that other teams fear to go. Extreme cases are what our team was built for. We combine skepticism, religious faith, and belief in the unbelievable. We seek the most terrifying, the isolated, the mysterious and exclusive haunted sites wherever they may be. The 387 team utilizes scientific methods to attempt to finally bring to a end the controversial and timeless debate to the ultimate question, does the paranormal exist, is there another plain or dimension that coincides with our own, and finally is there life beyond death. Somewhere within the depths of some haunted halls in midst of fear lies the truth, and 387 Paranormal Society will be there." 

For information, haunting assistance and more, visit 387 Paranormal Research's website via the link below:


Magdalena Paranormal Heart and Souls

Tricia Bailey

Contact Email:

Phone: 1-575-322-0703

We are a team of investigators that research paranormal phenomena and are located in Magdalena, New Mexico. We specialize in demonic and dark entity cases. In our unique, Southwest location we handle a diverse clientele with many different parameters regarding religious, spiritual and ethnic identities. Our services are ALWAYS FREE and we never charge for a consultation or research expenses. If you are interested in joining our team and are in the area, please visit our website in the links below! Also, come by the Facebook page by clicking the link provided! 


Rutherford County Paranormal Investigations


LaVergne, TN 

Contact: Mark or Cindy Walsh:

Phone: (615) 919- 3690

Email:  Marandcin65@

Here's R.C.P.I. in their own words:

" We are a Non-Profit Paranormal Research Team with over 30 years experience Located In Rutherford Co,Tn. Our team uses a scientific approach to determine the extent of a haunting. Supporting evidence may be in the form of video, audio and/or photographs. We respect your privacy. All information is kept confidential and will not be made public without your written consent.Our mission is Just not to prove ghost and hauntings exist, but to assist those coping with their unique paranormal experiences.We do all Investigations free of charge."

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You can also Follow R.C.P.I. On Twitter:


Stones River Paranormal

Chattanooga and Murphreesboro, Tennessee


The Mission Statement of Stones River Paranormal" 

"To be a Christian based, non profit organization that offers free, professional, evidence based paranormal investigations. It is also our goal to educate the public about the paranormal."

S.R.P. services central Tennessee and was established in 2012. With well over 125 investigations completed, Stones River Paranormal has also been featured in television, radio and newspapers. Their unique Christian dynamics make them a formidable team, organization and most importantly, Family. They are established and well- known in the greater Chattanooga/ Murphressboro, TN areas and will continue to be great contributors to the field, the work and the importance of paranormal research. Stones River Paranormal is committed to building trust, unity and integrity amongst their peers and their communities. 

To learn more about this wonderful team, click below on the links:

Stones River Paranormal


SRP Upcoming Events/Ghost Hunting 101


West Virginia



Dave Spinks

Dave has been Investigating the Paranormal since 1986 in various aspects, due to several experiences he had as a young man.  He retired from a 20 plus year Career in the U.S. Military and Federal Law Enforcement in 2011. Since that time he has investigated the paranormal on a full time basis and has conducted several hundred investigations. In addition to working with some of the top names in the field, he has investigated some of the most notoriously Haunted locations in the United States and in Europe.  Mr. Spinks has also Investigated numerous private residences in which he has bared witness to some of the most hair raising and unnerving things one can imagine. Dave Spinks' quest to answer man's most elusive questions is nothing short of compelling and remarkable.

  Is there life after death? Are we alone in the Universe? Are there unknown creatures walking among us?  He certainly believes there is. That alone is his motivation.  

Dave has been a featured guest on numerous syndicated radio shows, podcasts as well as many live web shows, to include  coast to coast am, darkness radio, ​​Paranormal zone t.v., prime time paranormal and literally hundreds more.  He is often requested to be a guest at paranormal conferences as well as  a guest speaker on many topics in the supernatural realm.  He has also recently penned his first book and has a second already in the works. You can learn more about Dave by clicking the website link below!

Moon Lit Paranormal- Joy Baley- West Virginia, USA

"We Are NOT Afraid!"


Joy Baley (Founder/Lead Investigator)

Moon Lit Paranormal has over 10 years of experience and their Founder, Joy is an Empath and has been involved in the field for over 20 years. They bring expertise and trust to all cases. No client's request is too big or small. For the last three years they have helped families, businesses, investigated abandoned properties and have expanded their social media reach as well. You can learn more about them via the links below! 

Check Moon Lit Paranormal out on their YouTube Channel:

We Serve the World! International Partners



Oy, Australia -"Aussie Aussie Aussie!"


Coalfield Paranormal -Newcastle, South New Wales, Australia

Coalfield Paranormal 

New Castle, South Wales, Australia

"Darkness is our Domain"

Contact: Ken Champ

Phone: 0423428302

Suzanne Shopaluk, Ken Champ, David Kilkelly

(The Founders)

Investigating anything- never less the paranormal- in the Outback is a special challenge for any team. For over two years, Coalfield Paranormal has an incredible team of dedicated and trustworthy investigators. Where most see danger and run away, this team plunges head first into any haunting or case. Located in the mining areas of New Castle, SW is also a unique challenge due to the severity of the landscape and the neighboring provinces they serve. No case is too big or small for Coalfield and they are here to help!

Check them out on Facebook:

Coalfield Paranormal is also on Instagram and Check out their YouTube Channel:


Our Canadian Friends/ North of the border

Georgina Paranormal Society- Georgina, Ontario, Canada

Georgina Paranormal Society

Georgina, Ontario Canada 

Contact: Lynda Quirino (Founder/ Director)

G.P.S. Was started in 2012 after the Founder, Lynda Quirino had been involved with some local Toronto teams. She began her time investigating in 1986, only to relocate to Toronto, Canada after her marriage. Much like the calling to help others and assist the field in searching for tangible evidence, she felt as if something was missing. So she started to look for like- minded individuals to help her in her quest. With over 30 years of combined experience, G.P.S. is set to become a great forerunner in the field and Canada. She, with the help of her reputable and trusted team members, have helped families, businesses and  investigated countless properties and locations. MPI is proud to have G.P.S. as a trusted partner and so are Lynda and her team!

In her own words: "Thank you so much for this partnership and adding us to your website. We're a small outfit, but 100% dedicated, and very much involved and super committed to para-unity!"

Check them out on Facebook and Twitter:

The Brantford Paranormal Society

Brantford, Ontario, Canada
Phone: 519-865-7330

                                                                                                           The Brantford Paranormal Society was originally founded in 2007.  
                                                 In 2013, Tim Butterworth stepped into the roles of Director and Lead investigator and has lead the group ever since. Over the years, 
Cheryl, Cas, and Shirley joined the group.  In 2016, the group expanded and Dennis, Jenn, and Caroline joined.  Then, in 2017, we added the additions of Tyler and Emily!  All members have a passion for the paranormal and seeking the truth.  Through various types of paranormal and ghost hunting equipment, evidence review and logical                                                                             debunking, TBPS continues to seek out the truth and help out those clients in need.​​
We are a completely not-for-profit paranormal investigative team who do not charge for their services.


Start your inquiry and see what we're all about!


See our BIOs!


Need Help? Contact TBPS!



Kellie Para 

ParaGirls Haunted Diary

Kellie is a researcher, lover of graveyards, cemeteries and all things paranormal. She has her very own Youtube page documenting her investigations and uses it to also tell of her past experiences with other- worldly encounters.  She is young, smart and we know she'll have many amazing years in the field!

Here's Kellie Para in her own words:

"I'm just an average girl in a seemingly paranormal world, exploring my journey through the unknown, experiences in my home, unknown voices and more! I have always been interested in the paranormal and have experienced many things. I started investigating the paranormal back in 2009 because I didn't believe EVPs existed, so in fact I set out to disprove EVPs all together. Since trying it for myself and getting these unexplained voices on my audio recorder, I am now a believer and set out to gain further communication from what I can only explain as the unknown."






Join Host, Denise Pridemore every Monday Night at 7pm CST for the BEST in paranormal radio! The Paranormal Pride is a long running, Unity supported show that offers great conversations with some of the most experienced and amazing people in the field. Give their page a like!

Gary Fisher hosts his show, Unlocking The Unknown and is stationed/based out of MacDill AFB in Tampa, Florida. His show is all about interviewing people from all aspects of the paranormal to include ghosts, cryptids and UFO's and invites/ includes believers, skeptics, and folks on the fence. He has many friends and colleagues in the paranormal field and the show airs every Monday, 8-10CST, 9-11EST at The Links for Facebook and the show can be found below:

Scott Kenemore, Author, Partner

Scott Kenemore- Author

I’m Scott Kenemore, the author of…

Four horror novels:

Zombie, Ohio (2011)
Zombie, Illinois (2012)
Zombie, Indiana (2014) [a CWA Book of the Year nominee]
The Grand Hotel (2014)

Four zombie-themed satires:

The Zen of Zombie (2007)
Z.E.O. (2009)
The Art of Zombie Warfare (2010)
The Code of the Zombie Pirate (2010)

One unclassifiable, found-document, epistolary thing (which Heeb Magazine nonetheless named a Best Book of 2011):

Zombies Vs. Nazis (2011)

And, with Franco Mercado, a war memoir:

Fallujah Heat (2012)

My short fiction has appeared in journals like Mudrock, The Owl, The Kenyon Review, and The Kenyon Review Online. My ribald limericks and haikus have appeared in Brocabulary (HarperCollins) and the Chicago Sun-Times. My essays and opinion pieces have appeared in Slate, Bedford + Bowery, Paranormal Pop Culture, the New York Times Local East Village, The Chicago Tribune, The Chicago Reader, PopMatters, and Rawk! Magazine.

My books have been translated into Chinese and Spanish.

In 2009, I was named to the advisory board of the Zombie Research Society. In 2011, I was admitted to the Horror Writers Association.

I am regularly invited to speak about zombies and horror writing at colleges and universities.

I play drums in the musical band The Blissters. I live in Chicago. I am a graduate of Kenyon College and Columbia University.

Third Person Bio For Lazy Reporters: Scott Kenemore is the author of the horror novels The Grand Hotel; Zombie, Indiana; Zombie, Illinois; and the bestselling Zombie, Ohio, as well as a series of undead-themed satire books. He is a graduate of Kenyon College and Columbia University. A member of the Horror Writers Association and the Zombie Research Society, Scott lives in Chicago and is the drummer for the musical band The Blissters.


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Jason McLeod, Author, Paranormal Investigator

Jason McLeod- Author


Studied BA Letters and Social Sciences / English Creative Writing at Eastern Washington University. Founding Father and First Chapter President of the Washington Gamma Chapter of Sigma Phi Epsilon National Fraternity. 

Originally from Stratford, Connecticut but now resides in Austin, Texas, Jason is well traveled and versed in the occult and the unexplained. He has penned two novels and is currently working on his third book. Jason is a Best Selling Author and his new work (in progress) is titled, "Our Journey Home: Guiding Spirits Into the Light". 

McLeod is a singer (Sings Lead Vocals for the project Ghost Machine), songwriter, lyricist, novelist, massage therapist, reiki master, game designer, spiritualist, lecturer, empath and paranormal investigator. His training and experience in the paranormal began when he followed in the footsteps of his close personal friends and mentors- the late Ed Warren and his wife Lorraine. The Warrens are, of course, best selling authors and movie consultants that started the modern ghost hunting craze that thrives today. The Kindle editions of his debut novel- Dark Siege: A Connecticut Family's Nightmare and its sequel- Dark Siege: The Nightmare Returns are both Best Sellers. Both works are always in the top 100 in Occultism, Supernatural & Ghosts and Haunted House Categories or more frequently in the top 20, often in the top 10. The reading has been in #1 on several occasions

      He conducts engaging presentations on the subjects of Spirituality, Consciousness, Quantum Physics, Meditation, Metaphysics, Paranormal Investigations and Demonology on Radio Blog Broadcasts, Para-Cons, Spirituality Expos, in Churches and New Age events across the globe.

      Most importantly, he has spent the last 28 years helping individual families dealing with both the human spirits that linger in their lives and the inhuman spirits who seek to ruin them. His talents and the fields he studies and participates in go far beyond what most human minds can comprehend. To learn more about Jason McLeod, visit his Facebook page or the website! 

McLeod's first two books:

Dark Siege: A Connecticut Family's Nightmare


Dark Siege: The Nightmare Returns 

 To check out his website for his writings or Jason's Facebook page go to the link below:

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Mediums, Spiritualists, & Psychics

Gypsy Moon, Spiritual Counselor

Gypsy Moon is originally from Minneapolis Minnesota. It is where she first experienced astral projection at the age of two. At the age of five, Gypsy came in contact with her first solid apparitions while living in Colorado Springs, Colorado.By the time she was eight, she was living on a haunted farm in western Wisconsin.

There were many different spirits there, all of them "good spirits" and Gypsy enjoyed interacting with them. She has always felt it was the spirits gift to her to be able to see and hear them, rather than any gift of her own. Gypsy found herself giving readings in everyday conversations as many people would come to her seeking spiritual understanding and advice..

It was experiences like these that led Gypsy Moon down a path of enlightenment she is still on today.Gypsy has spent her life studying all things metaphysical with a belief in continuous growth. This has allowed her to also mentor others to understand and use their own psychic abilities.

Today, as a Spirit Medium and Paranormal Investigator, Gypsy Moon participates in paranormal events nationwide as a guest speaker and paranormal investigator. She also has been interviewed on numerous radio shows and is available for private readings.

Gypsy Moon welcomes every opportunity to communicate with the spirit realm. She does so with the intention of bringing hope, peace and understanding to all who are interested.

Please click on the following links below to join Gypsy Moon!!!

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Tim Roxbury, Internet podcast
Timothy Roxbury -Radio Show Personality, Empath/Psychic and President of Butler Paranormal Research Society (PA, USA)
Growing up in a Christian & Missionary Alliance Church with his two other siblings Tim always felt he was different and that there was more to the supernatural realm than what he was taught growing up in Sunday School. At the age of 17 Tim joined a local volunteer fire company as a junior firefighter and continued to work his way up to regular membership status, going to weekly training drills, attending PA State Fire Academy Courses he became a nozzle man for the local fire department. Tim was going into burning buildings protecting life and property. Within that time Tim met a gentleman who became his friend and would later help him recognize his empathic abilities. In 2008 Tim, (along with some friends), decided to join a paranormal team called Baelfire Paranormal Investigations in Titusville, Pa. Eventually in 2009, Tim had decided to leave the team and start his own paranormal research team closer to home near Pittsburgh where he could help families who may be dealing with something unexplained in their homes. Consequently in December 2009, Tim formed Butler Paranormal Research Society. Since then he and his research team have made a lot of friends in the paranormal community investigating some of the most popular haunted locations in Kentucky, Ohio, and in Pa. He also became very interested in Quantum Physics after his Great Uncle passed away in the mid 1990's. Tim was the co-host of another radio show at one point but most recently Mr. Roxbury continues to be a yearly guest on WISR 680 AM radio in Butler with host Dave Malarkey and is now Hosting Supernatural Realm on ZTalk Radio. (see link below)

Radio Show description:
Hosted by Timothy Roxbury the President/Psychic of Butler Paranormal Research Society.
Supernatural Realm is a show that ...discusses various paranormal investigative techniques and methods (science the supernatural, spiritual) how it all fits together. Topics including spirituality, psychic, intuitive, empath abilities, grounding and shielding techniques, near death experiences, string theory, physics, quantum mechanics, dark matter, worm holes, parallel universes, general relativity, and the bending of space time. Is there divine order in the cosmos? What causes paranormal events? Are there parallel universes? Is time travel possible and does it exist? Is it possible to transfer(positive or negative) energy to one individual to another? What is a human aura? What do the various aura colors mean? What about someone who has premonitions? Discussing and these and other questions on Supernatural Realm. YOU CAN ALSO FOLLOW TIM ON TWITTER@tim_ztalkradio

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"Each camera and camcorder is different some just ain't worth the trouble can't get to the lenses with out tearing them up. And some are quick hacks. I pick up cheap finds at flea markets and post the quick hacks that a lot of people can do themselves. Everyone deserves a quick hack. I'm just trying to give back to the paranormal community..."