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MPI Bios

Mark F. - Founder/Director of MPI

Mark F.

MPI Founder & Director

Birthdate: February 15th


Education: H.S. Graduate, Attended College Of Dupage and Elgin Community College


Occupation: Self -Employed/ PT CSR


Location: Dexter, MO


How Did You Become Interested In The Paranormal?

I have over 25 years of experience in this field but I love skeptics, the curious and the objective because I'm all of that and more...

When I was 13 years old I had a personal experience that changed my life forever. What I didn't know is that the path I would take over the last 26 years would define my purpose and my true calling in life. I have spent most of my short 40 years on this planet serving others, honoring my legacy as a giver, honoring my upbringing and my grandmother's charitable spirit. Unlikely and unsuspectingly I have flourished in my pursuit of truth and helping those that have nowhere else to turn. I was already predestined to be this person, in this life, with these incredible people of Moonlite Paranormal Investigations by my side. I could never have fathomed how important all of this would become to those we serve. The look in a family's eyes when we're able to give them help when no one else would or showing them that they are not alone is the greatest reward we are given.

I have been researching, investigating and helping people ever since my own Haunting Survivor experience 26 years ago. For the record, I AM NOT PSYCHIC OR SENSITIVE!! Since my encounters in the winter of 1988, I have been witness and participant to over 280 investigations, many cleansings, blessings and one truly impromptu exorcism. I have seen it all and I want to share my knowledge with these teams so they can continue the legacy of Moonlite Paranormal Investigations and help those in need!

Mark Foster was also recently the subject of an episode of Paranormal Survivor as seen on Destination America. 

In 2015, Seas: 2, Ep: 6- "Child Survivors" he recounts the very reason and experiences he became involved in the paranormal field.

Trina E. - Co-FOunder Of MPI

Trina E. 

MPI Co-Founder


Birthdate: March 10th

Education: High-school Graduate

Occupation: Muffler Assembly/Line Worker (UNION)

Location: Dexter, MO

Family: 1 daughter 13 yrs old, Boyfriend (Lives with me), 4 sisters, 1 brother, and lots and lots of other family :)

How Did You Become Interested in the Paranormal?


My favorite all time scary movie was/is The Exorcist, I can remember when I was little I would sneak and watch it even though I was not allowed to. I would shut my eyes real tight and pull the covers over my head when she would do the spider walk down the stairs. I could sit and watch horror movies like they were cartoons and then not sleep at night (boy would I be in trouble haha)

 I guess it all really started for me when I stayed with my grandparents in Essex and I would sleep in the living room.  You could hear footsteps up and down the hallway and see shadows lurking around corners. I recall the stories my grandfather told me of funerals that took place in the living room of their home. But as I have grown up I have still seen black shadows and a few weird things here and there that I can't explain. I have even been slapped and hear voices. I have been with MPI since July, 2014 and have been on many investigations to date.

Ara R. -Spiritual Advisor, MPI

Ara R. 

Investigator/ Spiritual Advisor

Birthdate: June 17th

Occupation: Home Health Pediatric Nurse 

Location: Belleville, Illinois

Family: Married to the Love of my life! Daughter, Son, Step- Son and three Grandchildren

How Did You Become Interested In The Paranormal?

I would say that I have been interested in the paranormal all of my life. Actually maybe a better way to put it would be the PARANORMAL has been interested in ME and the entirety of my family and loved ones from my earliest memories. I have previously had experience investigating in my home state of North Carolina. I have been with MPI for quite some time, took a personal leave and after a short hiatus am excited to be back! As far as my own personal experience, I would never label myself as a sensitive or anything else like that, BUT I do have many talents regarding the other side. I have a capacity to (and have countless times in the past) seen things others cannot such as black shadows, white mists, orbs, hear voices and can sense energies. I have learned through the years to be able to control and "turn off" my abilities because of my line of work in health care. I remember my first day on the job and I was followed the entire day by a woman in a pink robe and slippers every where I went in the hospital. Although I was not intimidated or scared (and trust me, if my new co-workers could see my new "friend"...) she was very persistent. In addition to these "blessings" the dreams I have are sometimes lucid, and the events some times occur in real life. I guess the thing is that I have a very open mind where the paranormal is concerned. However, I prefer to disprove, debunk and explain anything that is a NATURAL phenomena through more scientific based research!

Jenni M. -Investigator In Training, MPI

Jenni M.


Birthday: Oct. 28

Occupation: Animal Care and sell Electronic Vapors

Location:  Woodriver, IL

Family: My SO, Mom, Sister, Brother-in-Law, and 3 very spoiled Nieces.

How Did You Become Interested in the Paranormal?

In my formidable years, I was always very interested in ghosts and anything unexplained.  I remember watching films like  "Poltergeist", "Night of the Demons", "The Exorcist", and many other horror flicks to scare my self sleepless. Of course, no matter how scary I would always keep watching.  And as a young child I used to ask my Mom & Sister about their paranormal experiences. Growing up,  I would always have them recall them over and over again!  Anytime the paranormal was brought up in a conversation, I would ask anyone of their experience.  I always have found the subject intriguing.
As I grew older, I would go out with my friends to allegedly haunted locations and we would do our own "investigations".  There were a few times where I would think I saw something strange or heard an odd noise, but I was never convinced.  Ultimately, it turned me into more of a skeptic- until recently. Anytime I would get a weird feeling that I was being watched or my stomach plummeting to the floor, I made it out to be just my own mind playing tricks. Those thumps, bumps and odd noises were always rationalized in my mind. I wanted something feasible. I wanted something credible. I, (simply put), have always wanted proof and the truth.
Although I have an open mind and want to believe that there are things other than this world, I am a firm skeptic when it comes to the paranormal.  I try and rationalize everything before I can call something unexplained.  IF I ever do become a believer, I will not let go of the realist mind I have in order to keep debunking and making sure there is hard evidence of the world of the paranormal.
I'm excited to be a part of this team and hope to learn and offer much more to MPI as they help their clients and investigate the unknown. My journey may have began some time ago, but I'm ready for the future and whatever we can uncover in pursuit of the truth.

Lorri W.

Investigator/ Regional Case Manager (RCM)

Birthdate: February 1st

Education: Associate's Degree- History

Occupation: Full Time Student/ Stay at home Mom

Location: Belleville, IL

How Did You Become Interested In The Paranormal?

At the age of two, I began talking to things that were not really there. Since being exposed at such a young age, I have never really thought of myself as weird and figured it was normal until I got older. My first true experience that really opened my eyes occurred at the age of 14. I was sitting on my parent's back porch and a little girl came walking into our back yard. Having just moved in, I thought she was just a kid from the neighborhood until I realized I could see our yard through her. To this day I still do not have an explanation for what I saw. 

Since then my interest has expanded greatly. I have been investigating since the age of 16, and even had my own group of friends who would investigate abandoned places with me. Since moving to IL, I have been honored to join Moonlite Paranormal.

While I do clearly believe in spirits (or imprints) of deceased, I do not believe that every bump in the night is paranormal. My interest in dealing with the paranormal is to help others understand that there are things out there that cannot be explained, but there are many things considered paranormal that have a logical reason behind them.

Bobbie C.
Off- Site Coordinator/ Client Liaison 
Birthday: February 8th
Education: Campbell High School/ Three Rivers College
Occupation: Book Keeping

Family: Married to the most wonderful man, EVER!

How Did You Become Interested In The Paranormal?
     I have been interested in the paranormal nearly all of my life- so I'm not the typical thrill seeker. For example, my mother has also supported the belief in the paranormal so we have shared that bond for as long as I can remember. I have just recently been able to free up the time and resources to be able to assist in performing actual investigations. I am looking forward to many great cases, clients and adventures with MPI! It has and is always been my conviction and a heartfelt need to be helping many people understand the world around them- normal and paranormal. As I do for those alive, I wish to help with issues surrounding those that have passed and anyone- living or passed that may need help or answers. As far as my experience with the "other side" I have had personal experiences as well as hearing many other stories from family members, friends, and colleagues. I am extremely excited to learn more through all of the resources with MPI and the years of information that they have gained and are willing to offer.
   My ultimate goals are: soaking up all the knowledge I can, helping clients with professionalism and integrity, growing my own knowledge and thriving throughout all of these experiences. I'm honored and proud to be a part of such a well respected organization!

Mike C. 

IIT (Investigator In Training) / Videographer

Birthday: September 17th


High School Graduate and Studied at S.W.I.C.

Occupation: Retired Military, Security Officer D.H.S.

Location:  Belleville, IL

How Did You Become Interested in the Paranormal?

I became interested in the paranormal field by having the privilege of growing up around old, creepy looking houses and from scary stories that were told during my youth. From an early age I have always been drawn to it in some form or fashion. The pinnacle moment was around age six when I had a late night encounter. I saw my Great Grandmother sitting in an old rocking chair that I had in my bedroom. We had a short conversation until I recall saying, "I have to go to sleep now". To that she replied, "You go to bed then, I just wanted to see how you were." I mentioned it the next day and was let known that she had passed away in her bed the night previous. Even though I was young, that event lit the fire that made me a lifetime enthusiast, now a serious researcher. It has always been in the back of my mind- even when I rarely thought about it. The paranormal is something that has called me for the better part of 40 years. The only difference from when I was 6 to now is that back then I dared NOT speak of ghosts, spirits and the like for fear of being socially berated, branded and ridiculed. 

All throughout my formidable years I encountered strange things that were never explained to my satisfaction. One summer, I took a trip to Columbia, Missouri to visit my father. During the time there I explored the college campus that my father's theater group was using. In one of the buildings that was used when the campus was an all- girl facility in years past I had heard that this one particular structure had a 3rd floor that was implicitly and strictly forbidden to enter. When I heard that there was "no entrance to the 3rd floor" I took it as a challenge. Needless to say, I found a way in. The upstairs was littered with personal belongings (I know this sounds like the beginning of a horror movie) and items left behind by former residents. As I made my way through I noticed a person coming down one of the hallways. As she approached, I lost a bit of my natural predisposition of youthful invincibility. I was not expecting her to have dark holes where her eyes should have been. I hastily made my way out of the third floor where I had entered and never looked or went back.

I could tell many true accounts of things I have experienced. Right now I am more focused on finding answers to HOW entities/spirits/ghosts exist. I want to figure out what spectrum these normally invisible beings operate in and how we can uncover that truth to see them in real time. My long journey has come to fruition as I am now with Moonlite Paranormal Investigations where I can use science and learn how to properly, effectively and thoroughly investigate each location.

Phillip R. -Part Time Investigator/ Security, MPI

Phillip R.

PT Investigator

Birthday: October 25 

Occupation: USAFR

Family: Married with kids and grandchildren. 

How Did You Become Interested In The Paranormal?

I started out being a skeptic at the age of 15 yrs old. My friends and I would go to places that were reported to be haunted in Charleston, South Carolina and the surrounding areas. 

 There are Civil War forts, dungeons that pirates were kept in and the unexplained but very well documented, Summerville Outdoor Ghost Lights. Many of those excursions were all to be chalked up as curiosity, my "spooky" side getting the best of me and more fun above all else. We were young people looking for a good story, scare or or just some innocent laughs. Honestly, I didn't believe in spirits or that there could be other things around me on another plane of existence. 

Strange occurrences and one night in particular changed my opinions, perceptions and views of the afterlife forever. I kept my great Great Grandfather's burial flag on top of my dresser in my bedroom. You see, He was a Marine and the flag was presented to his family for his service. On this particular night, (as I was staring at the flag), a spirit materialized in front of the dresser. I know it was him showing me that there is a continuation of life after death. This was my defining moment regarding my thoughts and feelings regarding the paranormal.

Approaching each investigation with an open mind is key in this field- I completely get that. As a matter of fact, I take all I can in the methods, critiques and professionalism my teammates have to offer. I investigate with the passion, integrity and respect this team shows on every case. I want to know the whole truth and help others in return- yet still working to explain and debunk those things we sometimes naturally overlook.

Jenny O. 
PT Investigator

Birthday: Aug 6

Occupation: Paralegal

Education: Associates Degree: Prelaw from Three Rivers Community College

Family: Married to Jeremiah, 3 kids, Macy age 15, Reece age 11 and Damon age 12.

How Did You Become Interested in the Paranormal?

First, it is an honor to have been around MPI for the last two and a half years. I was actually a client at one time but now after working with Mark and Trina  on several cases as an IIT have finally been brought on as a full time, now part time investigator! Before all of this, I have been interested in the paranormal since around age 6 when I had my first sighting of an apparition at my bedside. Being six years old I was scared to death but it left my brain open for lots of curiosity. Since then I have witnessed several paranormal occurrences from noises, voices to apparitions. My goal is to help families and find out more about the unknown.

Brandy D.

Investigator In Training (IIT)

Birthday: February 1st

Education: H.S. Diploma

Occupation: Stay at home Mommy/ Homemaker

Family: 4 beautiful Daughters and an Amazing Boyfriend!

Location: Granite City, IL

How Did You Become Interested In The Paranormal?

I have always been interested in where we go and what happens to us when we die. Investigating the possibility of an afterlife and understanding it has been my passion but more so now in the last two years or so. I'm a very simple, down to earth person and I tend to get along with just about anybody. I suppose one would say I am very open minded and adaptable.Thanks to my boyfriend (Aka MY ROCK!) the trials and tribulations of the last few years haven't been as bad as their potential. Between him and my beautiful, smart daughters I have pulled through difficult times and am now able to pursue another cause that's very dear to me. I am hoping to be able to help those in need and that is the most important part of being accepted into the MPI Family. Don't get me wrong, the research and all I hope to learn from these diverse and amazing people is going to be life- changing and I cannot wait to take on great tasks and cases! You know, being a stay at home Mommy to my four daughters is amazing, but Mommy likes her away time too. Needless to say, I'm very excited and blessed to be part of another great family! I haven't had any mind blowing experiences regarding the paranormal to date (had a few good ones) but I am eager to get out there and realize the dream!

Josh H.

IIT (Investigator In Training)

Birthday: June 25th

Education: H.S. Grad & St. Charles Community College

Occupation: Extended Service CSR

Location: Granite City, IL

How Did you become interested in the paranormal?

I've always been someone who enjoyed researching things that peak my interest in new, exciting ways. Consequently, my interests have and do include subjects from politics, spirituality & new technology. When I was younger and in school I recall that I had to do a report and my instructor gave us the option of being able to choose any topic. For whatever reason I chose ghosts and from that day on have always been interested in the subject of the paranormal. It didn't really come to fruition until about a year or two ago. My girlfriend and I actually started getting more into it from purchasing different equipment and just trying to find our own answers. I must admit that being given the opportunity to join MPI is a special thing to me. It gives me a much easier avenue to pursue this passion and truly get a real experience in a field that can be so interesting, compelling and groundbreaking in a very pseudo-science way. In addition to helping others, I will hopefully get my own validations for what I truly believe exists out there.  

Bobby M. -Investigator In Training, MPI
Bobby M.

Birthday: November 5th

Education: Charleston Senior High School, Southeast Missouri State University

Family: Wonderful wife, 2 boys, and 1 girl

How did you become interested in the paranormal?

     I've honestly been interested in the paranormal since I was a child. My grandfather would stop in every used book store he could find, and would always bring me books about the paranormal or UFO's. As for my adult life, I would consider myself as a skeptic who errs on the side of belief. I've had some experiences in my life that could have been considered paranormal, but I've always written them off as something more explainable. I love to read, and learn new things, so I'm excited about the opportunity to study and investigate the paranormal with a seasoned, professional, credible team like Moonlite Paranormal!