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These photos, videos and audio clips are from past and recent investigations. We will be adding more as we are growing this site. ENJOY!


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December 5th, 2015 (Gravois Mills, Missouri) Lake Of The Ozarks Investigation 

This is an undisclosed Location to protect the privacy of the client. We were granted permission to use our data for the website.


Hays Music, Poplar Bluff, Missouri (7/25/2015)

In the video below (Captured at Hays Music- see YouTube descriptor) you can see what looks like a form start to manifest in the top right hand corner of the frame.


Friday, January 23rd, 2015: Undisclosed Location, Private Residence, 

The Boogie Woods

This location is being kept private do to the nature of the case and under the guise of anonymity we are presenting some of our photos. The location is tucked deep in the Boogie Woods outside of Bloomfield, MO. No further info is available with respect to the family.

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Sunday, December 21st, 2014: Wilcox Road Crossing and Underpass:

Back Story: The reports and claims of the legends regarding this area includes a satanic cult that did rituals under the nearby overpass, the sound of a midnight "ghost whistle" and sightings of strange apparitions believed to be those of the deceased teenage girls that were killed in a horrific accident in a few years back. One evening close to approximately 12:30am some kids were taking a joyride in a friend's Jeep. For some reason (as it is with many of these Urban Legends) they stopped on the tracks. As the oncoming train's light shone on the trees around the bend, the driver tried to start the vehicle, it would not start. All but the two girls in the back seat were able to escape. Reports are that the door locks would not disengage and the two ill fated teens were struck by the speeding locomotive. For the whole story, you can read it via the link at the end of the picture gallery. There is speculation that the underpass where sacrifices and offerings to Beelzebub were reported may have had implications on that evening when two innocents were not spared for the blood offering to the underworld. During our mini -investigation, many times we saw fantom lights while under the overpass, strange footsteps following us along the tree line of the tracks as we made our way there and possible disembodied voices (EVPs) caught on our audio recorders. Regardless of the evidence we may or may not have captured, there is an eerie presence that definitely lurks in this particular area. An uneasiness that stalks you is felt. 
Another happening was reported in the early 1900s regarding a passenger train derailment. The story goes a train derailed in the early 1900s, killing most of the passengers. Many odd things were found after authorities began investigating the wreck. One account reported was that one woman was pregnant when killed in the wreck. When they found her body, the baby was no longer in her womb. Another documented discovery included a man found decapitated and they never located his head. Legend has it that if you park on the tracks late at night and turn off your vehicle (see link for reference) the windows will fog quickly and there will be a rapping on the windows from -allegedly- the woman looking for her baby. The man's apparition has also been seen looking for his head. Other reports included a woman walking down the tracks and another human figure walking toward the bravest of live people willing to stick around to see his lantern aglow. A heavy heart that reminds you that no matter who is with you on this plain, there are more watching from the shadows, pacing, walking, slithering out from another realm. I will try to get the audio clips uploaded soon. For now, here are some of our pictures from last Sunday's four hour investigation. Click on each photo to enlarge.  

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Above: From The Busch Brewery, circa 2013.

EVPs From Past investigations. WARNING! Some of the audio has been amplified in parts to better hear the EVP. Nothing more has been done to most of these. The ones you can tell have been altered have been either slowed down or altered to give better perspective!