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2017 is going to be AWESOME


We are working on bringing in new places, faces, friends and family this year. The demand from October 2016 into 2017 has been overwhelming. The dissolution of teams and groups in the areas we serve has been staggering and we have a caseload that is growing by the day. MPI is dedicated and has resolved to expanding our ever- growing popularity and the needs of our clients. We are even stronger than we've ever been and have taken the paranormal field by storm in Illinois, Missouri, Kansas, Tennessee, Indiana and beyond. It is humbling and exciting to know we are so in demand but our main concern is that we are respected and continue to be consistent in our client care and outreach. Please feel free to give us a like on Facebook or explore the website as it is ever- changing and growing by the day. And of course, welcome and THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT!!!

Our founder, Mark Foster hosts a weekly Facebook Live Broadcast (simple play on words, mind you) called The State Of The Paranormal Union LIVE! Please feel free to join us at the Fan Page below every Thursday night from 9-11PM Central Standard Time. As you watch the broadcasts, we take questions and feature comments from our viewers in the comments section every week. Topics will include MPI, our members, upcoming events, all things paranormal, Ghosts, AMAZING Guests and Investigators, Personal accounts of hauntings, cryptids, UFOs and MORE! You can find our past broadcasts and watch future episodes via the page below. 


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In Loving Memory

Maura Nicole Peters

November, 1996 - September, 2016

Maura was an original Family Member of MPI SEMO when we expanded in 2014. She is also the Niece of our Co-Founder, Trina Edwards and Founder, Mark Foster. Sadly, she perished in an unexpected accident on the afternoon of September 2, 2016. Maura was a great investigator and a beautiful soul that will inevitably be missed. As a testament to her ability, caring nature and smile, she was loved by many. Our MPI Family's hearts have been broken over this terrible loss. Please say a prayer for Maura Nicole and her Families. She brought love and light into every endeavour and was an intricate part of the MPI family for over a year. Her experience, respect, integrity and drive was also felt by the clients we served. She will be sorely missed.



At Moonlite Paranormal Investigations, our goal is to not only help you understand your unique situation but to make the process of taking your case easy and stress free. We offer free services and are a not for profit organization.

Our Teams are dedicated, passionate and demonstrate attention to detail, clear communication, honesty and integrity. 

With all of our clients we guarantee a release of liability contract and the utmost confidentiality! The results of our investigations are kept private unless otherwise indicated by the client.

We offer Residential, Business and Location-Specific Paranormal Investigations as well as house cleansings, if requested, at no charge. No case is too small or large. 

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Mark, Trina, Ara, Phillip, Bobbie, Jenni, Bobby, Lorri and our Crew at

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